BarNone Goat Protein Bars

Being a very on-the-go person while trying to stay fit and eat right is difficult as it is, but even more so when you can’t have just the normal stuff, such as cow dairy. The frustration set in to break out of the herd and I got to work creating a protein bar that was unlike any other. It was important to me to use functional foods and to find a suitable dairy protein source in order to not sacrifice the vital BCAA’s that our bodies need for proper muscle growth…goat whey met those needs and so much more.
Goat whey not only packs in the highest form of BCAA’s on the planet found in any natural food source, but also has lower lactose levels than other dairy sources, is easier to digest, along with tons of other awesome benefits. At barNONE Protein we strive to be completely transparent and use only 100% natural ingredients with no hidden junk.

In addition to being a super clean high protein bar, our bars also give you energy and help to build lean muscle from good carbs like honey, dates and quinoa. We chose to leave in these good carbs in order to not add in any refined sugars, artificial ingredients, or corn products.

We align with your values, and aim to un-frustrate the world by offering protein bars that are wholesome over hidden – rewinding food back to its core; that is, where food starts as food and ends as food…with NONE of the bad!